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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Simon Di Obeah Man (The sorcerer) [Adaptation of Acts 8:9-25]

*Profile talk a talk show aired in Jamaica it consists of a host speaking with various men and women who often come from humble backgrounds and are now doing well financially. 

*Obeah West Indian term which refers to sorcery, witchcraft and West African religious practices. 

Hello! Hellaaao!   Wah di baxide! A weh mi deh? How mi reach ere suh?
Hello! Hellaaao!  Jeez, where am I?  How did I get here?

It dark eeh man!
Man it dark!

A wah dat? Jeeezaz, who a scream suh? Oh God a wah dem a do to har? Soun like she a dead.  Mi need fi get out a ere!
What is that? Jeesus, who  screaming like that? Oh God what them doing to her? Sounds like people killing her. I need to get out of here!

Is how me even reach in here? ....
How did I even get in here?..

[I was important,
I lived a life wanted by many.
I was powerful!]

And were back, here on "Profile" with Mr. Simon Magus, a self  made billionaire who had humble beginnings in rural Jamaica. 

He spoke earlier of often having to go to school barefoot, unable to afford shoes.  He also spoke of farming on the family plot and helping his grandmother make herbal remedies for
people in the community to increase his family's income.  

Yes so Mr. Magus you are now a a business mogul turned celebrity man.  Heh heh you laughing is a serious thing I saying man.  Yuh very popular on social media. Over 5 million followers on Instagram.  You also have a Facebook page and your YouTube videos are wildly popular on an international level.  Mhm, everyone is amazed with your life.  On there we see that you are living a very luxurious lifestyle. 

Yes man, you are doing things we can only dream of. Living in what can only be described as a large Mansion in Cherry Gardens, flying in private jets around the world, with very nice looking young ladies by your side.  Not to mention going to the most exclusive clubs; and you do all this all while wearing the most expensive clothing.  I mean many people would say you living the life.

Ha ha. Yes Leon, I guess many would like to be in my shoes, understandably.

So give us some insight on how you came to live this life.

Well I've created a strain of bananas that are able to thrive in times of drought.  This would boost Jamaica's GDP in future especially with the expected worsening effects of global warming.  Selling that strain made me a wealthy man.


Oh it looks like our time is up.  Well Mr. Magus Thank you for speaking with me

No problem Leon, my pleasure.

Tune in next week when we speak with......

[It was perfect!
I had notoriety
I had my the powers,

......Obeah ]

But how mi reach here?
No seriously. How did I get in here?




You!  Tap di noise, nuhbody nah come fi help yuh!
You! Stop the noise  no one is coming to help you!

A wah mi get mi a self inna now.
What did I get myself into now

Di lass thing mi memba is seeing dis man...
The last thing I remember is seeing a man....

and we would like to Welcome the preacher for this Sunday.  He is a mighty man of God, yes man.   He has been travelling around the world preaching the word of God.  Finally he is in Jamaica!  Give a warm welcome to Deacon Philips.

I was in a church, I remember.  I was at one of the bigger churches in Jamaica, attended by many prominent business men and women.  I was here networking
You see, prominent figures seen here were deemed trust worthy by many in society.  They were seen as people who cared about moral values and the well-being of others.  Obviously this wasn't always the case. 

Of course none of these people knew or believed I was an obeah man and couldn't.  Obeah was and still is illegal in Jamaica.  Yes, so, if I were to be known as an obeah man my businesses would be ruined and that wasn't going to work for me.

This Sunday visit was different though..... that man.....

Deacon Philip

He did some miraculous healings, all of which he said, were in the name of Jesus.  The blind in the church saw, the terminally ill were ill no more.  The church was in pandemonium, I've never seen anything like it!   It was so powerful, suh real!   Bwoy dis was jus different.

When he spoke about Jesus something within me changed, there was nudging at my heart.  I felt overwhelmed by an emotion, it was love.

I was amazed that God, this God loved me.  This powerful being loved and cared for me. 

[I wanted to be of something that was so much greater than me;

greater than anything I have ever known.
That unlimited power 
All a dat an mi still did waan more, I was jus greedy
Why mi neva jus repent, Oh God!]
(why didn't I just repent oh God!)

I thought I had seen the great extent of God's power when Philip did wonders at the church but that was nothing compared to what I saw Peter and John do. They baptised us, all who accepted Jesus in the spirit.  

It was as if the room was engulfed in flames, the fire grew as as person after person received the spirit.  When this happened these people were not themselves.  They spoke in tongues, others rambled phrases repeatedly and many;many were bawling. It was as though their consciousness, the core of their beings weren't present, in this this world. 

 I've seen people get in spirit before but this, this different. You could feel it man; this was unbelievable, everybody in the room was filled. 

[ I couldn't see that raw power and not want it for myself,
that was true power 
All I could think of was the big things I could have done with it;
God me did fool]
(God how stupid I was)

I wanted to have it, tha power. 
I needed it to be mine. I offered them money, the evangelists....

"I have to have it, let me buy it.  I'll give you anything you want just let me have it." I said and they just both looked at me like I was crazy. Give me this power man;so I can give the Holy Spirit to anyone I lay my hand on and pray ova"

"This cant buy!" John replied

"Why you feel you can buy  God?" Peter asked me. 

I couldn't even say nothing, I just stare up in a dem face like a idiot. 

"You are a greedy fool for thinking this, You have no place in di ministry; is not God you want is 
wealth yuh looking for. Yuh wealth will perish wit yuh", Peter say. 

"Repent, ask the Lord for forgiveness; yuh heart full of wickidness", him continue. 

An all I did is ask for him to pray for me suh dat dont happen, dats all..... 

[I neva repent
No I was just der... jus deh deh]
(no I was just there)

and now I reach here. 

Stuck in the dark in this stink, tough (hard) place.

An all  I hear is people bawling out in pain

Suppose is me nex....

Oh Lawd no!

Is who you?

Wah u a do?

Dont do it!

Please Mi a beg yuh, no!


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