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Sunday, 3 January 2016

[ESTA POST 5] From me see dem man me know him was goin to pick har ... dem jus cannek / When i saw them man I knew he was going to pick her...they connected (Esther Approximately)

Yes suh as mi did a seh we watch Miss Esta go in a Maas Xerxes work room an ... 
Yeah so as I was saying we watched Miss Esta go in Mass Xerxes den and...

Oye Miss Joyce! Miss Joyce!
Hey Miss Joyce! Miss Joyce!

Yeah Maddie up ere mi deh, wah happen? Walk come man, di dawg nah bodda yuh!
Yes Maddie we're up here, whats happening? Come in man, the dog not going to bother you!

Joyce a wah uno up ere a do? Oh! yuh a tell dem di Esta story. Which part yuh reach?
Joyce what you guys doing up here? Oh! You telling them the Esta story. How far in are you?

Inna Xerxes work room
In Xerxes den

Den how yuh fi tell deh part dere an yuh neva deh deh? Me will tell deh part ere like how mi did inna di room when him did a talk to har.
How can you tell that part if you weren't there?  I will tell that part since I was in the room when he was talking to her. 

Alright Maddie tell it den
Alright Maddie tell it then

Yes suh mi did inna Xerxes room...
Yes so I was in Xerxes den

Him den did a one big room wit one nice pretty chandelier, an a fire place wah neva get use. Circle all round di whole a di room was a pretty mahogany shelf wit a bag a book ole an new; An inna di middle a di room was a rich brown mahogany desk.  
Me did a stan near di sofa inna di corner wit di drinks an ice cart when Miss Esta did walk in; she did look a likkle nervous. Maas Xerxes nuh stop look pan har from she walk in, him did have dis eva lasting broad grin pan him face,him look like him did in love. 

His den was a huge room with a very nice chandelier, and a grand fire place that never got used. Along the walls of the room were gorgeous mahogany shelves housing numerous books old and new. In the middle of the room was a deep brown desk also mahogany. I stood in the corner with the drinks and ice cart when Esta walked in, she looked a little nervous. Lord Xerxes  eyes were on her since she walked in, it was like he couldn't take her eyes off her; that was coupled with a goofy grin. The man looked like he was in love. 

"Hello,please come in. Have a seat" him say a point pan di sofa wit d broad grin still on him face. 
"Hello, please come in. Have a seat" he said motioning to the sofa, the broad grin still on his face.

"Thank you Lord Xerxes" she seh a smile." 
"Thank you Lord Xerxes" she said smiling."

*Heh heh heh* She did look well nervous man * heh * but it did work out fo di bess. 
*Heh heh heh* She looked really nervous man *heh* but it all worked out for the best.

Him did charm har man, an she did sweet him up. Fi di whole time all me did see is bare teeet, bare laughing dem deh pan; people dem outa door mussi say dem a mad.  From me see dem man me know seh him was goin to pick har, dem jus cannek. 

Man he charmed her and she charmed him. They were smiling and laughing the entire time. The people outside must have thought they were going crazy. As I saw this all happen from the corner of the room I knew he was going to choose her to be his wife. They just connected.

Yes, dem did in der fi a good while man like bout tree hour mmhm
Yes, they were in there for a while man, around three hours mmhm

Suh wait Miss Maddie him jus talk to har far tree hours an a it dat dem married? Afta him neva know har an she neva know him dat nuh mek nuh sense...

So wait Miss Maddie he spoke with her for three hours and that's it they were married? But he didn't know her and she didn't know him so that makes no sense...

Chile yuh affi look at tings inna dem contex
Child you have to look at things in context.

Weh dat mean?
What does that mean?

It mean yuh have to look at di time it happen a nuuff nuuff nuff years back dat happen enuh and dem time der different dan now. Times did diffrent.

Memba too ennuh God did sort it out dat part important too, yuh will see when the story dun.
It means you have to look at the time it happened. That happened way waay way back, and times then were different than times now. You also have to remember that God sorted it all out that part important too you know. You will see when the story is over.

"Hmh suh a Esta him pick tank God an we did glad don't it Joyce"
Mhm, he chose Esta thank God and we were very happy right Joyce

"Yes of course one black woman did a we Miss Xerxes we did feel seh tings sort out fi yes man we a guh stop get bad treatment an did a guh step up. 
*Sigh* If ongly a did dat happen if ongly"

"Yes of course a black woman was Lady Xerxes, we thought our lived were going to be better for us.  Yes man, we were going to be' treated better and were moving up. 
*Sigh* If only that happened, if only.

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