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Thursday, 7 January 2016


Esta an Maas Xerxes wedding did a di event a di season.
Esta and Lord Xerxes wedding was the event of  the season.

Joyce's daughter
Eeeeeh! Miss Joyce wah mek u seh suh?  Mi nuh feel like dem ole time days did nice like now. Uno suppose did stiff an boring a act prim proppa.
For real, Miss Joyce why you say that? I don't think you had as much fun then as we have now. In those days the focus was on being prim and proper, you must have been really stiff and boring.

Heh! Cooya is who she a talk to, bout act prim an propa! Maddie talk to yuh daughta yah! Mi nuh know a wah do dem young people here.
Ha, you hear her? who she talking to, we acted prim and proper and was boring? Maddie talk to your daughter I don't know what happen to today's young people

Ha, ha Mi daughta uno a nuh  di first set a  people to enjoy uno self. We did a do dat long before nun a uno born. Mhm mek we tell yuh bout di wedding n di niceness afta.
Ha ha.  My daughter you are not the first generation to enjoy yourselves. We were doing that long before any of you were born. Mhm, we will tell you about the wedding and the enjoyment that happened after.

Dem did have di wedding pan di propaty .  An a Mardiki walk har down di aisle.
They had the wedding on he property. Mardiki walked her down the aisle.

Mhm, him did look good yuh si! Wah a man handsome 
Mhm, he looked good! What a man handsome.

Joyce tap di noise! A nuh dat we fi a talk bout. Di wedding tell dem bout dat

Joyce hush up! That's not what we were talking about the wedding tell them about that.

Alright, Alright di wedding, yeah. She did dress inna har white dress n ting she did look natrally pretty.

Alright, Alright the wedding yeah. She was dressed in her white dress and looked
 just naturally pretty. 

Yeah is true she neva look like nuh pappy show or nuttin like dat.
Yeah its's true she didn't look like a idiot that's trying too hard  or nothing like that.

Dem did marry a night time unda one arch. It did have one bag a plant and flowas a grow pan it, white flowas to yes man did pretty. Hhhhmmm  *smiles*, man dem did look well happy. An yuh know we did get a nodda big celebration woiiiiii excitment! heh heh.

They were married at night under an arch. It had creepers and white flowers blooming and growing all over it. Hmmmm *smiles*, man they looked so happy. And you know we got another big celebration. Ayeee party! ha ha ha.

Why yuh muss always gwaan like a sketel, wit u one bag a noise calm dung man, chuh.
Why you must always act so classless with all the noise, calm down man, jeez.

Chuh Joyce stap gwaan suh stooch man. We did a dance nuuf nuuf nuf dancing man tink me neva si yuh. All Maas Xerxes an Esta did a dance, vybes was nice! We drink, we eat, we celebrate time did nice. 
Jeez Joyce stop acting so snobby man. We danced a lot whooole lot. You think I didn't see you. Even Lord Xerxes and Esta were dancing. The place had a nice had a nice energy man! We drink, we eat and celebrate. We had a good time.

But as uno already know nuff time when something good happen someting bad happen not too long afta. 

But as you know when something good often when something good happens something bad happens soon after. 

Mardiki one evening did a breeze out outside an buck up pan two a Maas Xerxes people a talk bout how dem waan kill him an him a get saaf. Him jus ich up pan di new queen.

One evening Mardiki was taking in some air and he overheard two of Lord Xerxes people hatching a plan to assassinate him. They were saying he's .=getting soft, he's always with the new Queen. He tries too hard to gain her favour,

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