Taken by Natalie Thompson

Friday, 11 March 2016

[ESTA POST 7] DEM GET HENG/ THEY WERE HUNG (Esther Approximately)

Mhm so Mardiki hear everything dem say. Dem did plan fi corna him out inna di cane field an buss him troat wit a cutlass. What a set a wickid... dutty traitor dem!
Mardiki heard everything they said. they were planning to trap him out in the cane fields and slash his throat with a machete. Wicked traitors!

Him just gwaan hide till dem dun talk. Him couldn't believe wah him hear. Yuh mean fi seh him owna people.... waan kill him jus cause him an him wife a gwaan good.
He just his until they had finished talking. He couldn't believe what he heard. Maas Xerxes was going to be killed by his own people, just because he and his wife are getting on well.

Mardiki jus easy an mek sure nuh bady nuh see him wen him walk to Esta, fi tell har wah him hear. An af caurse Esta tell her husban Maas Xerxes wat was goin happen. She did mek sure fi seh is Mardiki tell har, an a Mardiki save him life.  
Mardiki took his time, making sure no one saw him when he walked to Esta's and Maas Xerxes house ;to tell her about the planned assassination. She of course told Maas Xerxes that Mardiki told her this information, and so it is Mardiki that saved his live.

So yuh dun know how tings guh when a big man like get treaten, same timg like wah happen now.
So you know what happens when a powerful man life is threatened, the same thing happens now.

Joyce's daughter
Wah sen him crew fi shat him up?
What , get his crew to gun them down?

Weh yuh seh? 
Shat up di man dem?  
Jus suh?
Shat dem up jus suh?
Nooooo sah! Maddie awah dem a teach yuh daughta? 
Shat up a man jus suh?!  Not even check fi see if a true.
Yuh move too fass, yuh need fi tink fuss; be sure to act on di truth.
What did you say?
Shoot the men?
Just like that?
Shoot them, just like that?
Noooo  man, Maddie what are they teaching your daughter?
Shoot the man just like that?! Without checking to see if what was said is true.
You move too fast, you need to think first; be sure that you are acting on the truth.

Yes mi chile,  I know yuh hear di phrase act furst an tink later. But it nuh right!
Tink furst make sure its di trute den yuh act!
Yuh know wah Maas Xerxes do him mek sure is true. Him investigate and be sure seh is true. Den him act!
Yes my child, I know all you hearing now a days is the phrase act first and think later. But it is not right! 
Think first, make sure it is true. Then you act!
Do you know what Maas Xerxes did? 
He made sure it  was true. He investigated and made sure it was true.
Then they acted!

When him know is tru him act. Dem get heng.
When he knew that it was true, he acted. They were hung.

Mhm, Dem get heng a di gallows weh Mass Xerxes mek pan di propaty.
An dat was dat....
Mhm, they were hung at the gallows that Maas Xerxes made on the property.
And that was that....