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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

[ESTA POST 2] Rah, U nuh Si Dem Dash Weh Mrs. Xerxes?! / Man,You Know They Banished Lady Xerxes! (Esther Approximately...)

Mhm Mek we continue... Weh mi did deh? Oh yes! Mrs. Xerxes say she neva did a go guh to Maas Xerxes. Alright, yes suh...

Ok, So lets continue... Where were we? Oh yes! Lady Xerxes sent to tell Lord Xerxes she wasn't coming.

Wen di slave guh back to Maas Xerxes now an tell him weh she seh. Him start get Mad! Tun red red!You should a si him! Mi neva kno people coulda get suh red. An a suh di sweet sweet party pap dung; *hiss mi teet* It bun me you si!*chuh*. Likkle afta dat happ'n me ongle si Maas Xerxes and him fren dem start walk inna di house n lock up inna him werk room. Yes, suh unu dun know how me stay, me jus tek time an ich up a di door n gwaan like me a mop me did hear EVEERYTIIING.*Heh heh*

When the slave returned and told Lord Xerxes what his wife had said; he got so angry he became a deep shade of red. You know,I didn't know people could become that shade of red. Sadly though,that was the end of the lovely celebration. Darn it, I was really enjoying myself! It was then Lord Xerxes and his friends left to his den. But you know how I am,I wasn't going to miss out on what was happening. So I pretended to be mopping and heard every word *ha ha ha*.

Mi hear Maas Xerxes start halla  "How is it that I sent for her and she refused me?  Does she not know who I am? How dare she!" Backfoot, Mrs. Xerxses salt now! "You must send her back to England!" One a di man dem shout out. A nex one bawl out "You must remind of her status, you are the man, head of the house; she is the woman" Den everybody start shout out an a bang pan di dex. All heap a tings did a happ'n! Afta a while it did get quiet an mi hear Lord Xerxes say "She will return to England... tonight!".

"How is it that I sent for and she refused me? Does she not know who I am? How dare she!", shouted Lord Xerxes. Oooh, she's in trouble now! "You must send her back to England!", shouted one of his colleagues. "You must remind her of her status, you are the man of the house; she is the woman.", another
shouted. Then it seemed as though all hell broke lose,sounded like they were banging on desks and every one was trying to out shout each other.It then suddenly became quiet and Lord Xerxes calmly said "she will return to England... tonight".

Hol on a minute! Pause d story. Cu pan dem to, bout him muss remind har bout har status. *Hmt* .... Har role in d house nuh; she shoulda dash likkle sumting inna him food like how is har role...BRITE!  Ahem, ahem...  Sarry, sarry hignore dat. Mout get weh fram mi you know.

*Children dont falla me yuh hear dat a nuh one good ting to do.*
Yes as me did a seh.... di story

Hold on a minute! Let's pause the story. Really though! Did you hear that, He should remind her of her status? Disgusting! Her role is in the house huh? She should have placed something in his food; you know since it is her role and all. Ridiculous! Ahem, Ahem... I mean excuse me, ignore the out burst. The words just flew out of my mouth.

*Children don't do what I just said, it isn't right*
Yes right, As i was saying... the story

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  1. xerxes out of order don't it lol

  2. xerxes out of order don't it lol

  3. all a dem facety... all Lady Xerxes

    customs of the time i gues