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Sunday, 29 November 2015

[ESTA POST 1] A who tell har fi seh dat?!! / Who told her to say that? (Esther Approximately...)

*Alright, this story isn't historically accurate and isn't trying to be.

Den suppose it did happen at Rose Hall Great house, roun about slavery time. What if di house did bill up before Annie Palmer an har wickedniss. You see it? alright Good! Add on now seh a man deh deh. One rich riiich man, right. Richest one roun a Mobay. Dat rich man now, him have a wife, a pretty pretty wife enuh. Everybody say she a di prettiest ooman from deh side deh. But har attitude did stink....

Set in Montego Bay Jamaica in the year 1909 The events take place on the plantation owned by a Lord Thomas Xerxes; the story centers around Esther the mulatto Jamaican heroine who courageously saves her people.

Me did deh deh enuh, yeah man me did deh deh. Maas Xerxes plantation house did deh pan one hill, and it look ova dis whole heap a land. It was di terd year him did own di plantation an him did waan sho off seh him rich, an hol one biiig biiig party. You waan know seh everybody did deh deh. Him white fren dem, who did have dem owna plantation did deh deh. Di man who watch the slave dem did deh deh. All him slave dem did deh deh. Yeah man it did niiice! Di place all fix up nice. Him did set up some table and chair inna d garden an string up some nice claut through di tree dem; and dem time deh di flowers did come out. Di place did jus pretty.  Yes, sun shining bright n ting was a wondaful day. Man! Mek me tell you dem did have whole heap a food chicken, fish, some sweet tings, potato, bread... Man nuff tings did deh deh an dem did put it a pan a stooch silva plate an we drink from some stooch cup. Rum and wine did a pour!Man mi seh di music did sweet yuh si.

Lord Xerxes plantation house overlooked a wide expanse of land. In his third year of ownership, he housed a celebratory event wanting to flaunt his wealth. All were in attendance all his colleagues,fellow plantation owners from neighboring properties, overseers and all his slaves. It was grand party the expensive fabrics woven through the branches of the trees; coupled with the flowers in bloom, was a lovely sight.  Lord and Lady Xerxes had made sure to put their expensive furniture out on display; lovely carved wooden chairs and tables. Oh, on that day we had a feast. There was chicken, fish, potatoes,pastries and so much more. I vividly remember being given a silver up of wine and being awe struck by how shiny the it was, it sparkled. And the music; yes the music, it was just divine.

Mrs. Xerxes now did in a har owna room. She and di odda wife dem did a have dem owna party; a suh mi fren did tell me. Mhm, she did deh ova deh side deh, Yeah. So, di ooman dem a gwaan enjoy dem self man a drink n a chat n a ... Dem a do dem ting man, when Maas Xerxes call fi har. It look like seh him did waan show har off to him fren dem. Yeah man!, like how she did a di pretties ooman n ting. But she nuh tell di house slave seh she nah go. Yes! You shoulda hear har. 
"I am not going out there, For what reason? Am I his play thing, to do with what he wishes?  No!"

Meanwhile in the parlor room Lady Xerxes was celebrating with all the wives. They were having there own celebration. That's what my friend told me she was there. The women were drinking, talking you know enjoying themselves. When Xerxes sent for her, he wanted to show her off. knowing she was a woman of great beauty. the most beautiful around. However Lady Xerxes when fetched told the slave She wasnt going. Her exact words were,
"For what reason am I his play thing, to do with what he wishes? No!"

Baxide!!! Mi nuh kno a wah did do she but Maass Xerxes get VEX. A who tell har fi seh dat!

Woah! I don't know what she was thinking.Lord Xerxes was very angry. Who told her to say that!

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  1. Interesting! Part 2 need fi drop now

  2. Hey man how it done already. Come man finish the story lol. Me like it

  3. Hey man how it done already. Come man finish the story lol. Me like it